IMAC’s Service

IMAC’s clients are informed and prepared in advance to capture pricing opportunities. This is achieved by providing the following :-

  • Regular market commentary to educate, inform, and provide an unbiased and independent forward market view
  • Relevant and timely information that prevents excessive information flow
  • An annual client meeting to discuss key market factors and new opportunities
  • Pricing guidelines to minimise “greed” and avoid lost pricing opportunities
  • Confidential mark-to-market positions
  • An introduction, education and management of cotton futures and currency hedging strategies to suit the prevailing market
  • General guidance and involvement where deemed necessary for such issues as contract terms and conditions, classing standards and payment terms
  • Regular flow of pertinent information to discuss crop estimates and quality, domestic cotton issues, cotton seed price and ginning price outlook and general Australian market information
  • Flexibility to cater for specific corporate or individual needs and offer a “tiered” level of service